21C Positive Change Welcome

Welcome to the 21st Century! This website is for everyone who wants to make a difference, next to making a living. We hope to provide food for thought, inspiration, energy and connect with a group of like-minded people.

21 Century Positive ChangeOur basis is the e-book 21C Positive Change at Work. You can start today: download your copy and start making a difference!

21C Positive Change is about:

  • Change is the new normal – we’ll see exciting developments in 21C workplaces…
  • A Positive Perspective is a conscious choice – amplifying outcomes! Positive Change means deliberately choosing the positive perspective on things.
  • Ownership (as a mindset)  unleashes your potential – we can do much more than we think. Unleash us!
  • People want to make a difference, while making a living.
  • Meaning is the new added value. People want mastery, autonomy and purpose.
  • If we consciously bring human values like integrity, respect, trust and inclusiveness to the workplace – next to economic and rational logics, outcomes would double.
  • Culture serves as the surrounding cloud, gluing values, norms, people, projects, outcomes and change together without freezing anything. Organizing is a verb.

To face the 21C challenges we must get out of our comfort zones. All of us.

Let’s develop the workers, the workplace and the world!

We’re heading for exciting times of change. And we’re going to make it a 21C Positive Change in the end.

Best regards,
Marcella Bremer MScBA

I am a change consultant, trainer, speaker and author in the field of organizational culture, change and leadership.

Marcel Lamers MSc

I am a change consultant, programmer and co-founder of OCAI Online

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